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    Talking E-Commerce app to host UNLIMITED e-commerce hosting accounts on one server

    Dear Web Hosters,

    SentraCommerce 2 is ready, it's available for windows & Linux.
    It's an e-commerce solution for small businesses which designed to maximize your profits from e-commerce hosting.

    Take a look at these features:

    One installation for unlimited stores
    One time fee for unlimited store licenses on one server
    One SSL for unlimited stores hosted on one server
    Centralized control over all stores hosted on one system
    You can limit the number of products and users license for each store
    To add a new store takes less than 30 seconds, done from admin-interface or automate it from your front-end, NO INSTALLATION needed.

    And your clients will get:

    Complete featured e-commerce solution
    with built-in point & click storefront editor to create a fully dynamic storefront, we provide approximately 100 templates for storeowners.

    For sophisticated users, we have development tools to e-commerce enable an existing website or create a new one using our API (can be written using ASP, CF or PHP), or HTML based tags to create their own templates, or an easy catalog copy pasting system if they ever wanted is to add a shopping-cart capability to their website.

    Commerce features including multi-users ability, unlimited products per store, multiple category for each product, multi-level sub-categories, digital or tangible product, flexible & automatic shipping calculation, multiple & automatic state-based tax calculation, related products, data export-import, 10 payment gateways supported, payment options including COD&check payment, prospects & customers management, newsletter management, email customer or list of customers from backoffice, progressive sales report with graphs, advanced customer-order analysis tools, advanced discount system including voucher, coupon, percentage or dollar amount discounts, assign discount to specific product, category, or give it to specific customer or customers group, and many more features to improve the performance of your client's e-business.

    You can try it on our server by creating a free trial account, or download one copy. It's FREE to try.

    Here is the URL


    o, btw if you think the product is great please vote for us for CFDJ reader's choice award , you'll find the link on our website, thanks.
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