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    my dns reocrds. Can someone tell me if they are correct??

    Hi i just want to know if my dns records are correct

    The hostname of the server is digiserv

    the ip address of the server is

    the details im going to give my registrar are:

    i have configured 2 internal ips which are :

    can you tell me if this is correct given the details above :

    $ttl 38400	IN	SOA	digiserv. (
    			38400 )	IN	NS	digiserv.	IN	A	IN	A	IN	NS	IN	NS	IN	NS	IN	NS	IN	A	IN	MX	1

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    you can't setup a nameserver on a local ip-adress. So what you want won't be possible. Could you please explain why you want: IN NS IN NS
    those ip-adresses as your NameServers.

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