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    Dedicated server on really fast dsl?

    Hi, I am thinking about upping my dsl speed to 1.5mbps and 768kps upload for an extra $20/mo that is $30 less than I currently pay for sharing a server. My question is if I were to do this, how much would a cpanel license cost, also for everything I currently have on my server would I just install redhat 7.3 server and it should come with everything? Third, will this line be fast enough to host people?


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    You dont want to host people off of a dsl. The uptime and latency would be horrible.

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    Depending on what you are hosting, it could be enough..

    First: is it SDSL? I would put money on the fact that it is not (Symmetric DSL) and is instead ADSL (Asymmetric DSL) which means while your download speeds might be 1.5 Mbps, your *upload* speed might only be 256kbps. You would be much better off knowing the true upload speed if concerned with hosting.

    2nd: Can people access FTP (ports 20/21) and HTTP (port 80) from your DSL provider? Many DSL providers disable ports 20, 21 and 80 to stop you from hosting. However, most of the time there are workarounds to this. Also - do you have a static IP address or Dynamic from your DSL provider? If you have a dynamic address it becomes a lot trickier to do web hosting from your location.

    3rd: Think about burst. If you have a T1 speed of 1.5Mbps you can transmit about 450 GB / month. Thatís not bad, but if you are actually transferring over 100 GB a month, chances are that you might get some slow load times with your site. Think of it this way- Most of the time you will only be using 750kbps upload stream, but at very heavy times you might need 3.0Mbps for just a few seconds. The fact that your site is capped at 1.5Mbps means some people will have to wait for their information to be sent to them. Plus - what sites do you plan to host. Be ready for down times and other problems you probably won't encounter with most major web hosts.

    4th: In installing redhat 7.3 you will get most of what you need from my recollection of Linux a few years back. But be ready to install the security, web site stats, and know how to configure and manage a Linux server. I don't know exactly how RedHat 7.3 installs with Mail, FTP, Apache, and DNS - but, be ready to know these technologies and how to fix / manage them.

    5th: regarding cpanel: I don't know the price, but you need to learn to search the forums before posting simple questions like this. Try something like "price cpanel" and you should get your answer quickly.

    6th: If you are looking to do this for reselling: donít! The fact that you had these questions, the fact that you are hosting from home off of a (possibly 1.5Mbps) connection, is just a scary thought. (No offense - I'm just saying itís scary that people might actually contemplate reselling in such a situation)

    But I think its a great idea for some low traffic sites you might run to learn how it all works before actually doing it...

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    I did that exact thing for a year and a half. I had 640kbps upstream dsl. I had less than 30 mins of downtime in that year and a half. Pretty good if you ask me...

    My latency was really good... much better than my server that I have now (not that it's bad, but my dsl was better). However, the reason I'm not doing it anymore is because of the burst speeds... 80KB/sec just isn't fast enough when you have several broadband users downloading files from your server.

    If you are just hosting small files then it should be fine, but consider the true cost.

    $20 per month + $99 for a Cpanel license = $120 per month.

    $99 + 38 = $138 for a server from with Cpanel. For $18 per month you are getting a LOT more. Just something to consider....

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