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    Unix runaway-killer script is needed

    I will pay $10 for a script that does the following for linux:

    1. Checks for the existence of any process(es) that has run longer than XX seconds at greater than XX% CPU usage.
    2. If found process is not on the ignore list, then kill the process, write the event to a log file, and optionally send an email to specified address.

    The script should accept a config file input switch. For example:

    scriptname /path/to/file.cfg

    Config file should look like this:

    $seconds = xx;    #The number of seconds the process must have been running before action is taken 
    $cpu = xx;        #The % of CPU that the process must be using before action is taken 
    $send_email = x;  #If 0, do not send notification email; if 1, send email
    $email = [email protected]          #The email address to receive notification email
    $logfile = /path/to/log/file;
    $ignore_list = process1,process2,process3,etc; #List of processes to ignore
    The script should:

    - be executable via cron
    - be able to run every 1 or 2 minutes without killing the box
    - try to "nicely" kill the process first, then kill it the "hard" way if necessary
    - be self-documenting (ie: please use comments)
    - have any other appropriate features you think would be nice

    I am willing to pay a bit extra if you are willing to turn over copyright. (ie: work-for-hire)


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    Sounds like it would be a cool script..

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    I would be interested also
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    Please don't post unless you're making an offer to write the script.


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    Well, if you all chip in, you can make the price more worth a programmer's time.

    For $10, you probably can't get anyone outside of India or Russia. Not like that's bad or anything, but something to think about.


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    Marc Wyss - [email protected]
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    Post Is someone working on this?

    Did you already find someone to create this script for you?

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    Re: Is someone working on this?

    Originally posted by c3r3br0
    Did you already find someone to create this script for you?
    Not yet. Please PM me if you are interested in doing this..

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