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    Cheap Miva hosting. . .

    I'm preparing to buy a dediacted server, but I have a client that needs a Miva store set up now, so I'm looking for a hosting company that I can just give them the product liscense and the store will be ready to set up.

    (I am correct in assuming that the product liscense will work on more than one server so I can move it to different server/ip later, aren't I?)

    Anyone have any suggestions? I would like to set this up today if possible. Thanks,

    BJ Clark

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    There really isn't anything out there?

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    Miva isnt cheap.

    A) 99% of the hosts that respond to the REQUESTS forums dont even have MIVA, its expensive

    B) Most hosts that will let you use MIVA make up some of the initial fee by hosting you for several months, which you just dont seem to want here.

    Good luck though.

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    Will these be long term or short term hosting?

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    I used to be with Yahoo!Websites and they have miva.

    Try them.
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