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    autoresponders are evil...

    Didn't know where to class this, so feel free to move it...

    Here's a little tale of caution for those of you who love using autoresponders:

    I just had a PM from one of my users on my forums 'kindly' asking him why he had received the same email from me about 12000 times. I thought it might have been a problem with the email server, but when I checked the account the emails had been sent from I found over 11000 emails in there originating from the user's email account.

    It seems that the user had an autoresponder set for his email address and when the account confirmation email was sent, his email account sent an autoresponder to my accounts email address, which then sent an autoresponse back to the user's email address, which then again sent an autoresponse to the accounts email and over and over, resulting in thousands of emails beeing sent back and fore between the 2 accounts due to the autoresponders until the email accounts exceeded their diskspace quota.

    I never though using an autoresponder could cause so much frustration

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    Yep. Had the same kinda thing happen a couple years ago.

    Haven't set up an auto responder since.
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    Yet another reason to limit the number of emails a user can send per day. Spews are rare, but they're more common than people legitimately sending 12000 emails within a few hours without warning the sysop first.
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    That user's email account is still sending, even though I removed the autoresponder on my side.

    I've had to completely delete my accounts email address now to stop receiving that autoresponder

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