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    makeing a webmail section

    Ok would it be hard to make a webmail section on a site, which offers webmail to my users???

    i have started to learn php, i know how to read and write to files. How to set cookies, etc etc.

    i dont know how to use sessions or how to write to a mysql database yet though

    but i have bought a book called 'beginning php4'

    so do you think it would be a hard thing to do???

    i dont want to use a custom made script since i want to achieve this on my own

    thanx - matt

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    It's possible but you're taking on a huge project for just starting out with php. Take a look at Gossamer Mail: for example. They have a demo you can check out on the site. Use that as a general guide for features and functions.


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    Web-based e-mail is no small task. Believe me. It is certainly within anyone's reach, but is non-trivial to be sure.

    At any rate, you really shouldn't waste your time as there are *many* very good, very free options available to you.

    First, my personal favorite, is IMP. You can find it at

    There is also SquirrelMail, which is quite good. It can be found at

    Both are fairly easy to install and should serve your purposes well.

    Hope this helps!
    justin 'at'
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