Hostmania is offering a 512 mhz managed server environment (MSE) for $39.95/month. The offering is being delivered on IBM and Supermiro servers for maximum performance.

We guarantee resources to each MSE precise to 0.1% to make sure you get exactly the amount of resources that you subscribed to. These are advanced virtual dedicated servers where each user also has the ability to burst to the full processing power and memory capacity of each server. If the resources are idle, then you can use them.

Take a free trial to see the control panel and other functionality at

MSE Specififcations:

512 mhz of dual processor processing
512 mb of RAM
150 GB of Internap X-fer
20 GB Hard Drive
Uncapped 100 mbit connection

Additional features:

Built in Control Panel
Self reboots for your environment
Data backups included
Instant Activation
Sub 55 ms network response times
Secure network
100% uptime
Automated server down notifications
Full root access
Automatic software updates

Contact [email protected] for questions and visit to place orders.