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    * Host your site for just $8.40 per year on our Mutil Domain Hosting Plans

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    *Redhat 7.2
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    *PHP Myadmin
    *Perl, SSI, CGI
    *Apache ASP
    *Custom Error Pages
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    *mySQL Databases
    *IMP Webmail
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    *Shared SSL
    *Protected folder
    *24/7 FTP access
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    Personal Account: Host upto 5 domains, 50mb Webspace and 1 gig bandwidth per month. 30.00 per year (approx $42.00)

    If you host 5 domains, this works out at just $8.40 per domain, per year. (approx)

    Payment via Worldpay. IP to ping Accounts wil be hosted on Pentium 4 1.6 mzh with 512 RAM

    Thank you

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    Sounds good, i will check out your website.
    Hostime Managed Hosting
    Opening the bridge between your business and the world.

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    Bandwidth just 1 GB for all domains ?

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