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    * .info nameservers

    I register with and change the DNS servers to and cj.fxsonet. A few minutes later I receive an automated e-mail saying

    We were unable to modify your nameservers. Either your nameservers were invalid or there are problems with your domain.
    I then read something about registering the nameservers in the .info namespace??? They are registered as nameservers in the Internic database, what else must I do?
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    A simple explanation is that if you want to add a .com, .net, or .org name server to your .info domain, you have to have your registrar add the name server to the .info registry. They (.info) will not just pickup your name server from the root database (the same goes for the other TLD's that were recently added).

    I just checked and I show that these name servers already exist in the .info database so you should be able to add them just fine. If you try again and you get this error again then something else is causing the problem.

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    What is the link to where registrars can register .info name servers?

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