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    Need 2U rackmount cases!

    Looking for some decent 2U rackmount cases WITH 300W power supply included.

    I have (4) Dual AMD systems in midATX cases that I want to be converting to rackmount, and here is the kicker:

    They do not have integrated NIC or Video cards! Therefore, the PCI riser slot CANNOT be positioned over this motherboard's AGP slot in the rackmount case, as I need to use 2 of the riser slot's PCI sockets.

    Having trouble finding a decent case that fits this criteria, because the Tyan boards are so big! 12x10 to be precise. I would prefer heavy steel over aluminum as well. My budget can afford $175-250 per case.

    Please help! Know any URL's to places I can find this?

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    I'd look on .. they have some reasonable prices there.

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    They might be a little over your price range.. but they do have hotswap ide or scsi drive bays..
    Joseph Marcelletti

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