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    web hosting for free?

    hi, does anyone know of any free scripts that allow you to offer visitors a ________. your ?

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    Are you wanting a sub-domain account? What sort of Control panel software are you using?

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    I saw a script like that on before. You might want to browse around there

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    i want to be able to give my users a account. they should be able to have a control panel to either host directly from my servers or to redirect the name to their site.

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    OK, if you are a reseller and using WHM/CPanel you can create a FULLY functional sub-domain account in the WHM which gives the 'sub-domain' all the same features as a normal domain. This includes all of the included scripts, email etc that come with the 'normal' account.

    The only issue here is that you would have to create this. For a customer to create his own, as you requested, some sort of interactive script would be required.

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    You should be able to set-up a mysql database of taken subdomain names, and get your users to search it, if there is no results then its free, then you just update the db with names that are taken. You could even set up a whois type this make it look like a real domain.
    I was thinking of doing that with a .biz domain but your not allowed to reseller it or something.

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