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    * Where To Buy Domain Names?


    I am beging a hosting company. My partner and I have search, and wonder where is the best place to buy domain names for our clients. If you can please give us a website, or if you’re a company please either submit it on this forum, pm me, or contact me on aol/aim my user name is “Exasko” Thank you



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    best bet IMHO in the long run is to become a domain name reseller for someone like or or one of their resellers Check them out carefully before you spend your money, but it's cheaper and it keeps people at your site.
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    Post in the offers and requests forum and ask for a domain reseller account.. Rates are pretty good now adays.. I dont know exactly how much they run but I am pretty sure it is easy to get a reseller account for under 8.00 per domain.

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    what happens to an enum reseller account when the company that held the reseller account? Does the reseller get to keep selling at the same rates?


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    Not sure I understand your question.. can you repeat it?

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