It seems like there are more web hosting companies on here than there are potential clientes. We're going to see how many serious "potential clients" are on this forum. You WILL NOT find a better deal from a full service host, offering the support and service we offer.

This offer is good for only the first 5 people who sign up. The price you pay now will be good for the life of your contract with Your price will not go up next year, or the next, etc.

Visit our site at Choose any package, and pay for a year, and you get that package for 50% off of the Monthly payment price times 12.

In other words....

Our Ez1 plan normally sells for 5.99 a month or 59.90 a year...during this special you pay only 35.94 for the full year...that is 50% of 5.99 x 12.

Ez2 plan normally sells for 9.99 a month or 99.90 a year. Now only 59.94.

Ez3 plan normally sells for 14.99 a month or 149.90 a year. Now only 89.94.

Rs1 plan normally sells for 18.95 a month or 189.50 a year. Now only 113.70.

Rs2 plan normally sells for 29.95 a month or 299.50 a year. Now only 179.70.

Rs3 plan normally sells for 39.95 a month or 399.50 a year. Now only 239.70.

This offer will expire when the 5 deals are sold.

We accept Paypal or any major credit or debit card.

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