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    Hi Tazzman,
    They're buttons... I copied the ENglish buttons that they had in the demo style and put it in the template and did a refresh but it's still in French. I wonder what I need to do next. I tried to ask at PHPBB but for some reason none of the moderators want to post my question in the forums.I must be asking something that they're not liking .
    What would you advise?

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    Give it time. If you reupload the buttons and they are not there make sure they are in the right directory and such.
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    Hi Genix,
    I put it in both the template directory and the images directory and still coming up French. What should I do? any advise would be greatly appreciated.
    Take Care,

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    Make sure what the filenames are.

    If the english ones are file_eng.gif and the French are file_fr.gif then the new images won't come up in the page.

    Change the file names or change the links in the page.

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