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    I've dealt with a dozen or so web hosts, some are better than others, but most of them try to take care of their customers. PowWeb is the most blatantly rude and inconsiderate company I've ever run into. I only used 4 months of a 1 year contract which they agreed to cancel but refuse to refund the difference. The won't answer any of my questions, choosing instead to send a monthly form letter that leaves one only more frustrated. At least now they don't even bother sending me those. Most of you are already familiar with their lack of good service or technical support, but unfortunately, for the uninitiated, PowWeb banners pop up all over the internet luring the unsuspecting webmaster. Fellow PowWeb victims please do your part and go to and file your complaint.

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    Powweb sucks

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    Seems like hundreds of powweb people are unhappy.
    Didn't they have advertising banners here at WHT?
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    Re: POWWEB Victim

    Originally posted by munk
    I only used 4 months of a 1 year contract which they agreed to cancel but refuse to refund the difference.
    I apologize for your problems munk. I took at look at their policy and according to that they don't offer a refund of any kind after 30 days. While most hosts offer a scaling refund policy (to help support pre-paid accounts) some usually issue partial refunds to avoid problems. Regardless, I do see your point but just keep in mind a hosts policy before you signup with your next.
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    Yep, Powweb sux

    Same Experience. After a year into having paid for 2 years, I grew tired of thier rude tech support and lack of basic things they advertise, like mail working. I cancelled and they refused to refund me. I'm currently filing with thier better business bureau and adjusting the charge to my credit card.

    It's so sad that a company is so hard up for money they have to cheat people and commit fraud by not following through on what they say they will do.


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    Please keep in mind, filing with the BBB will only do something if they are actually members of that organization. If they are not people who go through the trouble of calling to get a report will not get any valuable information outside of "no complaints filed".

    If you really want to do something, file with your state consumer protection agency.

    Just an FYI


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    Have to add my support to the POWWEB sucks counter

    I had a really bad expereince a month ago. I'm doing my civic duty and telling as many people about it as possible. If you want the details go here
    wish I had read this before I sent them my money. hehe

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    Wow Powweb is on a roll this week huh? Of course they cant afford freindly customer service/support people when they have to pay for advertising on 95% of every website there is. Sometimes is just better to find a smaller hosting company with good reviews that give you personal support rather that go for the big boys who just put you on a list.

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    I have been at powweb for almost a year and have no problems what so ever, but Powweb is a host for more experienced webmasters, they provide the service as is without much guidance.

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