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    Mac OS Hosting Question

    Hello All,

    One of our most reliable hosting platforms has been Mac OS 9.2 with the WebStar Web Server Suite and EIMS Mail Server. We have provided this for our managed websites for 4 years now. My question is this.

    Is there a demand at all for Mac OS hosting in the wholesale hosting market.

    The down side is that it is slightly slower than Linux and there is no commercial control panel for shared hosting machines. But if we were to open it up and offer it. Do you think people would want it.

    We are experts in this technology. Just curious as to how many other people know how stable and reliable it is.

    Thank you in advance for your opinions.
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    Hmm. Have you tried Mac OS X? You can run Apache and the standard services written for Unix because Mac OS X is another form of BSD.

    The dominant hosting platform by far is ix86 equipment. Apple equipment is just simply too expensive.
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    I'd say that the only real Mac based hosting that I suggest you go in to is OS X based hosting of apple specific technologies. Quick Time Streaming Server being one of the most used probably.

    Otherwise, Mac based servers are probably best for large scale 3D Rendering, Mac network file/mail/print etc servers, Scientific processing, etc.

    The only real market for Mac based web hosting is really just the Mac Enthusiast (sp?) market and there are a few companies already in this market.

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