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    anyone use this software for billing?

    looks pretty good.

    Any feedback?


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    Havent' used it, but from the demo it looks quite good.

    I would recommend Modernbill.
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    I had a look at this too. The system looked very complete and nice, especially for the price. I emailed them but never got a reply.

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    I just ordered it.(i paid by month)

    I will try it and give you my comment.


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    Great, keep us informed... I wonder how it will compare to mb4

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    I guess I am writing this post as an explanation as to what this system was built to do for webhosting clients.

    My first vision for this system was a simple order management system that would keep track of all webhosting orders and allow the clients to have a place to login and view their current accounts. Plans to integrate this into a billing manager were never on the horizons.

    My second vision was to incorporate a script that could run through a cron job that would do normal checks on all domains in the system to see if they have resolved to the proper server. This would, in turn, automatically send them their welcome email and satisfy the client with the proper instructions as to 'how and where do I start'.

    Next, another hosting company brought the idea up for a simple affiliate system that would only allow current clients (those already paying for great service to refer people and make a buck or two. So, that system was developed into a pretty complex type of affiliate system. The ability to choose how much per hosting package (percentage or $ amount & frequency) is probably the most advanced affiliate type system I have seen for a hosting company to offer. (I may be wrong or just have not seen it elsewhere if it exists).

    We are continuing to build this system into an all in one 'Client Management System w/ Affiliate Tracking' and never had any plans to incorporate a 'billing management' area similar to ModernBill or PerlBill or DreamCost software. All of those are great scripts/programs for a webhosting company to use. Nothing negative against them.

    Ours is a simple system, not too complicated to get started and easy to manage. I do not recommend anyone to purchase this script if you are looking for a billing management system. There are plans to incorporate this but, I don't see it happening until we have all the future features complete to satisfy the wants of our audience.

    In conclusion, the script was built for beginning to intermediate webhosts looking for a simple solution to manage their clients. There are so many of these types of start-up webhost companies coming online daily that they need something simple to keep the management end of the clients easy, quick and less painful that doing it all manually.

    I do have a wishlist running for those looking for particular features or options to the script and I review all requests closely and with heavy consideration. I note that the script was built by a web hosting provider for web hosting providers and that is the truth. Wishlists turn to features which turn to satisfied hosting providers who got exactly what they asked for in a management system.

    I appreciate the starter of this post asking for advice and please, don't hesitate to send requests to me if you have any questions about the current system or future releases.


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    Just ordered too. I will keep you posted.

    I wanted to use phpmanager, but with my Ensim box it was too much a hassle to install, and for the moment, I am still unable to install it.

    I will try MIB and see if it's better..
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    I've been sitting on ModerBill since March waiting for implamentation of several features, namely and WHM integration. All promised again after V4 is released...!?

    I see you will be doing both, but have slipped on the your projected schedule. I've watched for a while to see if you were going to come up with these new add-ins. Any idea...? since I like the overall look and feel of the app.

    My only other option right now I think would be to go with phpManager, which by the way is coming up with their latest version inf a few.

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    are there any payment gateways compatible with it now?

    please take a look at: as it appears their integration would be fairly simple compared to 2checkout and

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    2Checkout Module is ready and will be available on the website for purchase/upgrades on 10/10/2002.

    WHM Module has been tested as a stand-alone and works. We are not implementing it into the script to work seamlessly with the WHM and MIB System.

    The questions we have asked registered license holders is:

    1) Automatic install using query verification from payment processor back to the site or;
    2) Automatic install upon payment verfication manually and installation is automatic upon one click in the admin of MIB.

    We are moving forward and will continue to update all that are interested.

    I appreciate your interest.


    Brandee Diggs

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    Did not answer a thread.

    Current Payment Gateways supported:

    Plug n Pay


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    Just quick question here,

    For the monthly, is that being installed on your server ? Basically we're paying for both hosting and usage of that script right ?
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    The monthly option is created for those who do not want to pay $99 up front. What that option gives you is a month to try it, and if you don't like it - you get your money back but you are only out $10 and we refund that (rather than out $100 and getting that back).

    It is a financed, affordable option to those that want it but don't have the total amount upfront. The script is installed on your site, your server by either us or yourself (dependant upon the option).

    Brandee Diggs

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