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    Exclamation template ideas

    I have been working on this template (THIS ONE) and i'm trying to decide if its better than the one that is up now ( I can already tell that the new template is going to have more possibilities, but other aspects such as load time make it hard to decide.. Any input?

    -Chris Jennings

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    Only thing that Ive noticed is the darker color of orange and it looks exactly like the other site. The one that is up now looks better to me because the edges are staighter.
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    I say cut the bottom half of the orange & the building out. You really don't need that much header space, and it will allow the site viewers to view more of your page (which can attract customers).

    Perhaps move your customer login to somewhere closer to underneath the header, or maybe even directly below it.
    Keep it up!

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    I like the one you have up now better than the new one. You have two focul points. The eye and the tower. So both images are now competing. I think you should lessen the intensity of the eye.

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    I think the current one is better than the new one. The current one could be a good design but everything seems rather large, the header, the links, the text, everything. I would suggest scaling the graphical text down a bit and reduce the size of the eye, tower, header graphics.
    Kevin Hauge
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