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    Affiliates/Salespeople needed

    We are a new host in need of affiliates or sales people. If you decide you would like to be an affiliate we have an affiliate server which will track your sales. If you would like to sell our services outright, you will just need to provide us with the details of the sale so we can give you proper credit.

    We have a superior service to offer customers and would like your help selling our service. A qualified person should be located in the US. We will pay via paypal or check. If you would be interested in hosting with us as well, we can provide credit to your account instead.

    Contact [email protected] for more information about our program.
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    i am interested in the you pay per month,week,or how do you do it and what are the hours that have to be put in for the sales job?

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    I'll post a little more info here for those who are thinking about it:

    Both the affiliate program and the referral program will be paid at the end of every month, providing you have accumulated $50 in commissions. If you end up selling a lot of accounts I can adjust your payout period accordingly. I can pay by check or paypal or credit to use for a hosting account. I'd prefer paypal or credit, but checks are fine also.

    If you are looking to refer persons other than via the web all you need to do is email me the domain name they signed up with and I'll include that in your payout. No self referrals please.

    With the affiliate program you can log in anytime and see how many clicks and how many sales you have generated. Acceptable methods of promotion do not include spam or any unsolicited emails.

    Provided your referrals stay past our 10 day money back period you will receive a flat $10 per successful signup. Most customers will signup monthly, so by getting a flat fee you'll be making more than you would on a percentage basis.

    For instance, if you were to be paid 10% commission and you referred a monthly customer, you would get between $4.70 and $6.20. I'll pay you a flat $10.

    If you would like more info, or just ask more questions, you can reach me at [email protected] or via AIM. My name is DigitalEliteTalk.
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    Wow! $10!
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    for software guy who is trying to be funny...i posted that because i saw he was on the i figured he would see it keep your little remarks to yourself...just a waste of space called a freepost..

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