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    anyone have any recommendations of reliable and cheap hosts that offers like decent bandwidth (around 20+)? maybe i'm asking too much. i don't really care that much about space, but decent bandwidth and uptime, good support, load speed and cpanel. and still be around 10 a month or less. i have seen some around that borders on my requirements but i want to see if anyone know of any others?

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    1,541 are who we use and they are great

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    5 gigs a month?? ;_; that will go like in 3 days -_-

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    I don't think reliable, $ 10 or lower and 20+ GB are a winning match. At least not in the long run.

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    Wow...What type of site are you looking to host?

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    my little personal domain that is currently using about 20 gigs a month right now. i'm looking at dominet, it basically matches my requirements, of the 20 gigs, good reviews... and cpanel. which is pretty much all that i'm looking for... if no one says anything i might as well just go w/ them but i justed wanted to ask around first beforehand to see what other ppl might know of that i haven't heard before.

    i really only need like 300 mb or less space so i don't want to pay for like those 1 gig accounts, and i have no use for a database either.

    [add] oh yes, i'm looking at totallyhosted and hostrocket also... totallyhosted just moved though, and was down so i have no idea how their new server is going to be, and hostrocket seems to get very good reviews but it's only $10 a month if i sign up for 2 yrs, and i'm uncomfortable seeing that far into the future.

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