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    seeking recommendations for adult host

    Hi all,

    This is directed to webmasters and not hosts.

    I am looking for a reliable adult host that has been around for a while with a proven good record. My requirements are failry basic - 500MB and around 10GB. I believe the current going rate for similar accounts is around 10$ a month but that is not the issue.

    My main concern is regarding uptime. My target is around 99.5% which equals to about 3 to 4 hours maximum per month. If you are hosted with, or know of such a host, and know first-hand of their performance, please let me know. Please don't just quote the host's "99.99% uptime guarantees" (these are pretty meaningless), I am interested in figures that you have obtained yourself using a site monitor.

    My other concern is when hosts keep moving you around from server to server every couple of months. I don't need this - it is far too much hassle for me and an unnecessary waste of my time.

    So if you know of an adult host with good uptime and doesn't mess you around every few months, I would be most grateful for your input.

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    From a webmaster point of view, although I've never been on the adult side, I think your problem in the past is because you are trying to get 1/2 a gig and 10GBxfer for around $10/mo. If a server had a 100Gig HDD with 1,000GBxfer, it could only hold a maximum of 100 clients without overselling, and 200 clients with 2X overselling due to to BW. His maximum gross when filled would be only $2,000/mo before expenses. In order to make it worth his while, he'd either have to fill the box with 5X overselling, causing lots of box problems, or have to cut costs of server maintenance, tech support and probably have cheap, slower BW etc. With that setup, you're probably not going to find anyone who delivers reliability and performance.

    I had the same problem when I was hosting on other people's servers, and found it was worth the extra few bucks to get a reliable host with good support and some good pipeline. If you really have that kind of xfer from an adult site, you should be able to spring for the extra bucks to save yourself from the hassle of downtime and switching all the time. From their side, why would they bother spending a lot of time with someone who only gives them 30cents/day? It's not worth their time to support you. Someone who doesn't really have bills to pay might be able to do that, but those people are usually kids who do it part time.

    Sorry I don't have a real answer to your question.

    just my $.02
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    These guys offer Adult hosting:

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    Originally posted by skelley1
    I think your problem in the past is because you are trying to get 1/2 a gig and 10GBW for around $10/mo
    Hey, those are not my requirements - these are figures I have come accross while browsing various web hosts. In fact, some of the hosts on this very forum claim to be able to do it for less than that. But, as I said before, price is not the issue here - reliability and a good proven record is. And I would like to hear recommendations from other satisfied webmasters.

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