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    Post My experience at ...

    I registered the dedicated server service of on July 20. As I was a previous one-year semi-dedicated server customer of which is the sister company of, I had more than $400 credit transfered to my account.

    1. The server reliability provides a 99.9% SLA. During my 2-month service, at least there were 2 times server-down. One lasted about 30 minutes, and the other lasted more than 30 minutes. Considering the price, the overall performance of the server is OK.

    2. The customer service
    It is very unprofessional. During the 2 months I had their service, I were incorrectly charged 2 times. I don't know if it's just my bad luck but It seemed the guy named Justin Mazzi of couldn't make the charging correct if you had some credits on the accounts. Both times I submitted the ticktes to report the charging correct, the answers were always "Everything is correct. You were charged because....". I had to call him and pointed out what the mistakes were and asked for a refund. The refunds were implemented but there were not one word about apologizes. The way my problems were delt with was probable straightforward as an Amierican style in their sense, but I think it's rude and unprofessional.

    3. My conclusions:
    I terminted my dedicated server at If you have limited budget for an acceptable reliability of a dedicted server, it's OK to choose However, if you are also concerned about good customer service as most customers are, my suggestion is avoiding

    Just my 2 cents.

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    The customer service issue probably relates to what some others feel about HR support. They are basically the same company as you pointed out.

    However, in their defense on one issue, the SLA does not cover *server* uptime. I am not sure you will find a provider guaranteeing the sever. Too many thing that you can do to alter that SLA. Their SLA, as most dediacted providers, cover the network only.

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    and 1 hour of downtime over 2mths isn't all that bad too. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    When I meant the "server up time", I just meant "network up time". Yes, the newtwork was down at least 2 times during the 2 month when I had their service. Sorry, English is not my native language. I didn't say the customer service of was good but at least Brendan, Graham of hostrokcet know how to solve the problems when customers report them through the ticket system. I never knew Justin when I was a customer of He seems a new guy only reponsible for

    In the SLA, you could find another error in the following statement "If network downtime exceeds 0.001%(86.4 seconds/day) the customer will be refunded 5% of their monthly fee for every 30 minutes of downtime, up to 100% of the customer's monthly fee."

    86.4 seconds/day is not 0.001%. It's 0.1% or 0.001. I once pointed out 2 mistakes including this one in their SLA, but this one is still there.

    My concern about their customer service could be better expressed in the last email I sent to Justin of


    I hope this time everyting could be settled after the $45.95 is refunded. I don't understand why everytime when I reported there was a mistake the response was always "Everything is correct". Yes, customers make mistakes but you guys too. No customers have time to bother and no customers leave for no reasons.

    I am extremely unhappy about all the mistakes you guys made and the procedures you dealt with the mistakes.

    Last but not the least, please make sure there will not be any charges especially the probable monthly fee of the 3rd month as I have cancelled the service. I will have to directly ask for chargebacks for any other false charges from Rackfast/Hostrock if there are some again.

    Justin's last response to it was only 4 words: "Resolved over the phone."
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    Sad the hear that

    I'm a very very firm believer in good customer service. I remember just last night I was sooo pissed off at Subway because the girl serving me gave me bad service.

    Bad service sticks - I dont hire at my local blockbuster anymore because of a SINGLE bout of bad service, I pay a few bucks more per movie and goto Video Ezy - Everytime I get bad service, i refuse to goto the store anymore (cept the bank, i still goto the bank regardless of service )

    A few months ago, after receiving bad service when buying new shoes, I sent myself and my staff to a customer service course. It costed $150 per head - but was well worth it

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    1 hour would piss me off. Maybe i am just spoiled, but i have had my box with dialtone for almost a year now, and i have not had even 1 minute of downtime.
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