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    Advertising Wanted

    I have a website at its a little like Ezboard but with a more mature advertising market.

    We're looking for impression or click adverisers; web hosting companies performed in our last campaign (3 weeks) and recieved over 15,000 clicks.

    Please contact me for statistics; and please tell me what click or impression rates you would like to offer.


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    Is there any way to target the advertising to one or more of your categories?

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    The Directory is used by choice, and is only submited by a small number of the active boards.

    Many of the sites do not wish for there forum to appear in the directory.

    A future feature may be subject-targeted ads but at the moment this is not the case.

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    So all the advertising is untargeted?

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    Correct, all advertising is showed on all boards.

    The idea of targeting on the current system would be a waste of time for me and more importantly a waste of money for all adveristers. As I explained above.

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    How much are you looking for per click?

    I mean, 1 cent? 20 cents? $1 ?

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    Above 0.04c/click.

    About 25c per 10,000 impressions

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    $.25 per 10,000 impressions?

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