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    Problems Transferring from NameScout

    my client is trying to transfer domain from NameScout to OpenSrs, but gets no response from NameScout.

    Three times it failed because of this. Admin email etc all are ok and the domains was registered with NameScout for a year.

    Email to Support of NameScout didn't got any answers other than auto-responded message of 'will get back to you'

    Can anyone tell how to deal with it?

    Can complain be registered with ICANN or How?


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    Your only real option is to complain to ICANN, however don't hold your breath. We've had transfers stalled from them for many months with no reply to support requests, and no help from ICANN.

    Good luck,

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    well, but right now there are new complaint forms..... check out icann or internic web sites...

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    Namescout have the worst interface and customer support of any domain name registrar I have ever used. Countless people say the same thing about Namescout if you do a search in Google.

    Avoid using because they push domains you've bought to Namescout.
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