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    a external dns/nameserver provider other than your host...


    I browsing through the net looking for a company that will host dns/nameservers for my domain, and other as well if needed. A good one I found is, but they still have not e-mailed me my account information, do you guys know of any other providers of similar services, that they have had good experiences with?

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    286 - free automatic linking to your website

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    I've used and mydomain is great if you want redirection (with or without frames). If you just want plain DNS services then definately go with Their control panel is much quicker and more flexable.
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    I'm very happy with -- fast, easy to use and reliable, plus they answered a support question in a matter of hours.

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    I've been very happy with Mydomain and Zoneedit, and also love Enom's free DNS services as I now register most of my domains through Enom resellers. Enom's DNS services have been fast and reliable for me.

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