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    Weird domain reg. experience

    Has this ever happened to anyone else here?

    I had a client hire us to do a brand new website and gave me the domain name they wanted to register. When the client first asked about the name, I looked it up and it said 'available'. But then as I clicked the 'register' butten, it popped up a message saying the name was NOT available at this time. Panicked, (I had already told the client it was available, sold the web design services, got their deposit check, yadda, yadda) So I go to Versign and the EXACT same thing happened. Said it was available, clicked the button to do it and it said 'unavailable to register at this time'. So I go to GoDaddy and Viola! was able to register it without trouble. I held my breath untill they fully processed it and I had access to the site name.

    Is that weird or does that happen sometimes? This is the first time for me and I've registered quite a few.

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    Maintenance on the global name registry? Same down here for a few hours earlier today.



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    Noticed this too yesterday on the openSRS registrar and their resellers (000domains).

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    It happens rarely - but causes more than a few problems to. Think if the domain - - looked available and you had to explain to your client why they couldn't have it.

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    Here's what we posted on our website:
    Verisign's LIVE Environment will be taken offline for a registry imposed scheduled maintenance. This will affect the following products:

    - .com, .net, .org, Multilingual domains
    - new registrations, transfers, renewals, nameserver updates

    Date: Saturday, Sept 29, 2002 EDT
    Time: 2100 hrs - 0100 hrs EDT
    Duration: 4 Hours

    This will affect all registrars equally, and only affects the above mentioned products. The rest of the OpenSRS system at myOstrich Internet will work properly.
    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    Happened to me when I was toying around with looking up available domains. I thought it was odd, never happened to me before.

    oh well, glad it wasn't just me.

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