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    Dedicated Server - Quality of Service.

    Was just wondering what comments everyone would have regarding the customer service of popular dedicated hosts.

    I'm mainly interested in them having a knowledgeable, competant staff across the board. I would however also love to hear if clients have a "single point of contact" within the organization, or if this type of service has just gone by the wayside. Normally, if you have a longstanding term with a company, if you can have just one contact who's relatively available (pm?) you don't have to worry about inconsistant service.

    I'm currently leaning towards fastservers as my host, but I'd love to hear experiences with their direct competition.

    - Jason

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    I don't know about other web hosts but I know that here we have a dedicated sales staff, they also act as the single point of contact for techinal support issues.
    now grant it on the inside the sales staff just relays messages or will pass off a phone call to the techinal staff.

    we have found that customers like to talk to the person that sold them a dedicated server.
    as well the sales staff like to hear that the people they have sold are being taken care of.

    it works out great for everyone.

    We offer Toll free support, but people always seem to call the direct lines of the sales Staff.

    Infinet Hosting

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