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    * One simple word: UZIPP

    Hey All!

    This is the first post here we've done, personally I'd hate to have to search through all these adverts looking for a host but I figured why not? our offers deserve a mention somewhere

    We just bought two new p4s to add to our growing collection of servers and have introduced some great new multi-domain/reseller accounts to enable us to fill these boxes faster. The space/bandwidth limits are HUGE imo and we always offer the best possible plans available....

    You'll see by our mainpage and forums we hide NOTHING and we have been hosting sites for a few years now, we were originally a free banner-run entertainment network, now we've gone to extremely cheap pay hosting and we have a lot of network members now.

    Coming from an entertainment hosting background we've always been 100% with every site, we work with them on a day-to-day basis with any problems they have and we have many satisfied customers. We love working with everyone and helping them out, in return for their contributions to the server costs and a small tip for our help of course

    To see our new multi-domain plans which are outstanding value go here:

    We look forward to working with you shortly. Thanks for taking the time to read this announcement!


    Nick Laws.
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    DIY? Is that just using the ensim reseller features? so its just a reseller account? and why unlimited package? quite a few people around here have had alot of bad business with unlimited plans and their companies, just a thought.

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    Yeah...DIY is a fancy term for reseller

    Unlimited package's just easier than capping everything. There are certain rules in place to prevent people abusing it (no files over 5 meg each) but generally we can support all the entertainment/personal websites on our network. We don't put hundreds of sites on each server meaning we always have left over resources/space on the boxes and nobody has been turned away yet. If an ULTRA HUGE site came along sure, we would have to work with the owners to sort some kind of deal out but for the most part we have no problems supplying what UZIPP offers. Nothing like hostonce suspending sites after using 3 gigs of bandwidth a month...that's pathetic, we've never suspended a site on those grounds. Maybe for huge CGI/CPU usage and non-payment but never because we can't provide the service.

    We also charge monthly so it's not like we say we can't provide and then refuse to refund you for the rest of that year like SOME other hosts.

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    how many servers do you have, see that youve been around for a few years now, looking at some old searchs ive just done, you have alot of problems with customers in the past, but only see your name in recent searchs, and a dave before hand, did you take it over?

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    4 Server currently.... we're only just "coming out of the shadows" as it were, we've done literally no marketing yet have built up a network of around 200 sites on referrals by other sites, we were originally a free with banner host and have developed from there after this became a big problem with us having

    Dave Zipp is the owner, hence uzipp, i'm not sure of the customer problems, you'll have to point some out to me, I can probably explain them, i've always thought our support was awesome.

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    Well no problems, seen many problems from past experience where it seems you werent around, just did a few searches and web-archive to see you past, as maybe interested in ordering from you.

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    Hopefully we'll have you on our network soon!!

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    Just looking over your past experiecne first, know your host, ill get in contact with you soon, is paypal your only payment option?

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    Currently it is, we'll be setting up a verisign account shortly however we currently bill via paypal monthly.

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