After much improvements, and after much testing, and getting over 400 people this month to sign up with our great package. We finally are going to take down our infamous Baby VE package.

Today will be the last day sale, tomorrow it will be gone with our new layout changes and dedicated server offerings and game servers.

Here is the specs of our Baby VE $2.99/month plan:

Baby VE
10 Second Setup
100MB Disk Space
5 GB Data Monthly Transfer
Free Dedicated IP

Limited Root Access (install your own modules, edit your httpd.conf , restart your VE)
Unlimited Subdomain/Aliasing (host multiple domains 1 account)
Unmetered PostgreSQL/mySQL

Standard Features
10 Second Setup!
Free Dedicated IP
HSPMyControlPanel 2.0
Workgroup Control Panel
Master FTP Admin Account
Anonymous FTP
Sub FTP User Accounts
MS FrontPage Support
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited PostgreSQL DB
Manage your own firewall
Unlimited FTP Access
Unlimited Domain Aliasing
Unique Domain Name

E-Mail Features
Open Webmail
Mail Server Management
POP3a/POP3 Support
Outgoing Email SMTP Server
Unlimited Aliases
External Email Forwarding
Ability to stop/start sendmail
Email Disk Space Control
Auto-responding Email
SPAM Blocking Capability/Filters
Catch-all/star Address
Majordomo 1.94.5
Unlimited Mailling Lists
Unlimited Email Forwarding
Unlimited Auto Responders

Web Management
Crontab Support
Custom Error Pages
FrontPage Manager
Web-based File Manager

Advanced Features
Apache module mod_perl
Apache module mod_php4
Apache module mod_ssl
Ability to stop/start apache
IPTables 1.2.4
Personal CGI-BIN Access
Python, Tcl C, C++
Perl 5/ModPerl
Server Side Includes
Flash/Shockwave Support
htaccess Override
Unlimited Telnet Access
Unlimited Shell Access

Security Features
Password Protected Directories
Anonymous FTP Server
Server/Remote/Client Backup
Self-backup/restore manager
Full SSL Support
Secure backup

Website Statistics
SL Web Analizer 2.0.2
Graphical Site Statistics
Access to Raw Log Files


Disk Space 1 MB - $0.10/month
Additional Bandwith - $1.00/month
Extra Dedicated IP - $1.00/month

Come on in, and take the 6 hour trial (we are very lmiited right now cause IP is scarce right now),,14

Click in "Try"

Well, if you have any other questions, today is the day we take effect our new CRM support section:

A bit of our history:

We started in Nov 2000, since then to today we have solved over 11,000 ticket request in an average of 2 hours overall. Hosting way over 7,500 websites, and over 1,000 resellers, we have remained to be both profitable and very successful. You can view our reviews at our main page, both good or bad, look at our non-restricted forums at or even search for us at .

Our new up coming reseller programs which will give each reseller full root access, will be great, which won't be out yet.

We will be also offering the reseller where they can create their own VE or VPS without the $10,000 pricetag.

Thank you, and if you have any other questions let me know.

Ohh, and we don't do domain registrations yet, we recommend one of the following:


EDIT: So s|t|a|r|g|a|t|e got banned in these forums? tsk tsk tsk