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    First time dedicated - Is fastservers an option?


    this would be a first time dedicated venture and I hope I can get some advice on what to look after etc.. After having read many positive comments on fastservers, I am considering to using one of the win2k plans.
    Until now I have used shared hosting - mainly since I am not much into administration and because I only need very common features. To enable you to judge what is best for me (and I will be really greatfull for any advice), here are my requirements:

    - Easy handling (best over a web-interface)
    - minimum of 50 GB (ideally 100+ GB) transfer, I assume burstable bandwidth would be best to handle peaks
    - 8-10 domains to host, with individual IP's
    - Access databases: 2-3 per domain
    - fast websites
    - ASP
    - POP3 (with u/l autoresponders, forwarding or at least 100 accounts each and at least 25 POP3 accounts per domain)
    - No SMTP required
    - No anonymous FTP required (only for uploads)
    - subdomains would be nice, but not essential
    - JMail or other component to send emails through ASP pages
    - MS Index-Server would be an added advantage
    - SQL would be an added advantage
    - Low traffic over the day, peaks with 100-200 sim. users max. I would assume
    - budget: less than US$ 150 / month would be ideal

    I am aware that the requirements might not justify a dedicated server but I am not really willing to use shared hosting unless there would be serious advantages that I am not aware of.

    It is very important that the site serves fast at any time and that I will not end up taking care of everything. Thus the somewhat manages hosting option from fastservers sounds very good to me.

    Thanks for replying and taking the time to read the post.

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    Fastservers will apply patches etc to your server but your still going to need to know how to fully administer IIS. That includes seting up sites, load balancing, fault analysing, using Terminal services etc. You will also need to find a DNS solution as Fastservers will only provide that for about 10 domains.

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    thanks for the info. so i guess if i want to avoid the management issues i will either have to go for a fully managed server of high-end shared option?

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    If you have no experience of administering Win2k then you should go for a high end shared solution, otherwise you risk losing customers. Theres nothing to stop you getting a good Win2k book and learning the ropes in the mean time.

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    i guess you are right. thanks for the advice. i simply got fed up by being greeted by "too many current users - please consider a dedicated solution by my host" which makes me look really bad. but i really don't have the time to administer a server too much right now. do you have a recommendation for a good shared hosting option? (feel free to pm me)

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    I dont know any off hand, but searching these boards is a good place to start looking. If your current solution is overloaded why not open a second account with them to balance your load a bit.

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    I agree, you are best in a shared environment especially since you don't require much bandwidth or disk. But, if you absolutely have to have your own machine for some reason and want to have it managed for you, I can suggest you visiting Dialtone.

    I started out my dedicated server experience with them, and they have taught me a lot along the way. While I was on Red Hat, and you want Windows, they were very helpful whenever I had a question.

    I also suggest you take the time to learn the OS of your choice. Take a trip to Amazon and pick up a few admin books to get you started. I myself still reference my O'Reilly Linux book even after being in the biz for 4+ years.

    I hope this helps


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    You could consider a cheap Win2k sys admin. For example someone might be willing to share the server for his admin costs.

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