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    going with the times

    What is everyone doing to stay current with their hosting?

    What I mean is what type of cool cutting edge stuff are you guys doing to offer something different from just the sameold sameold?

    I just think that standard old hosting is just not going to cut it anymore.

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    I would be interested to know what exactly you mean by the same ole same ole. Basically what do you consider to be the standard way of hosting? It's true that hosts will have to be innovative and creative *especially* since there are so many hosts to choose from these days.

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    Most "hosts" cant really offer anything more than the main hosts, as a good majority are resellers.

    I guess it is all up to the server owners to make something special

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    like java framework .net , streaming video, mx flash server that kind of thing.

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    S&M hosting might be a good idea. Oops! I think we have that already.

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