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    how stable are the cp themes?

    I am wanting to change the default cp5 theme to a new one thats more easier for the customer to use and see.

    If i do this does it make cpanel any less stable?


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    We changed our default CP5 theme to a popular skin called Stylus Blue, and had no problems. The only issue is with updates, as the skins that come automatic with Cpanel are updated automatically with any new features. The skin you decide to use for CP5, you'll have to be sure it is constantly updated when new features are added to the panel as it won't be auto like the other default skins.

    If you're buying the skin from someone, be sure to ask them about how often they will update the skin when new features are released. If you are doing it yourself, you'll just have to keep updated with the releases and update your skin to suit.

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    Good recommendation hostingseek. Stylus Blue is a good theme. Unfortunately I bought mine from TIMAAAY! It works fine though I guess.
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    where do I get stylus blue from?

    and where is a good place to buy skins?

    thanks for your help

    Brad Nelson

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    Well, here's an image of stylus blue on
    Unfortunatly the rest of the site doesn't seem to be up yet, but you can try emailing them...

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    Hey Taz,

    That is bluetrix not stylus blue.. I am working on all the updates for stylus blue which is owned by

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