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    First site << Feedback needed


    This site is based around traffic and banner exchanges and a few more other things..... So this is a newbie site

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    Sorry, I didn't really care for it. Your content didn't really interest me, but that's just me.

    You might want to look for a template or come up with a better layout/design. You also might want to get your own domain.

    The redirection or short URL thing got me confused, especially since you have no "Home" button/link in your menu or anywhere on the site.

    The main page went on and on and on and on...

    I lost track of how many different styles and sizes of fonts you used. Just use one style.

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    Not horrible. Reminds me of a site made like 10 years ago when most sites were dull and bare.

    When i started making sites they were hideous. I would suggest redoing it completely over and over if you can deal with that. Only because that's how I learned.

    I've only been doing pages for a few months. Graphics for less than that. I redid 4 times. Almost from scratch each time. I'm finally satisfied with it, just not sure for how long.

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    Not bad, colors are a tad bit off however.

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    Need some work in terms of color scheme, it's a pretty simple website, could do with a more "modern" layout. I probably would do a total revamp of the site.

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    Thanks for replies people, my webdesign skills are currently very limited and I'm learning heaps all the time at and the htmlclinic. Good I didn't buy a domain! And yes I will do a total revamp when I can lol.


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    Yeah I think the color needs to be changed.

    Also think of using a few more graphics.
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