Hi all

I recently designed JPM Computers website in return for a reseller account for a year. Ive had it for 2 months already but have had no real use for it, so Im putting it up for sale.

The specifications are:

2 Gigabyte Disk Space
20 Gigabyte Bandwidth
500 Domains Hostable
1000 Users

All accounts will have:

Ensim control panel
24/7 FTP access
Multi-homed Network Connectivity
Unlimited aliases
Unlimited autoresponders
Web-based file manager
Domain statistics
Unlimited subdomains
SMTP Gateway
Perl 5
MySql database
Daily MySql dump backup
Daily Site backup
Frontpage Extensions
Web-based email
SSL capable
MajorDomo mailing list

This package is prepaid for another 10 months, and is hosted by the crew at Wholemilk.net.

Im not too fussy about what price I get for it, as I have no use anymore. Im sure what ever price you pay for it, you will be able to get back by hosting clients on the account for the next 10 months.

After the 10 months is over, a price can be settled with Wholemilk for the price monthly (as over the time, pricing my increase or decrease depending on the market).

Please if anyone needs/wants this package, you can only buy it in bulk (of the 10 months). I will not sell it per month. Please post back your offers. I have had it priced by Wholemilk, and they believe it's worth about $200... but Im willing to sell cheaper

Thanks all.