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    Honest review of webhost site

    Hey all,
    I am starting up a web hosting business and I'm looking for feedback on my website. My opinion is that it's clean and easy to use. I'm not crazy about little logos advertising what you support, I prefer just a simple list. I've gotten positive reviews from friends but friends aren't always honest .

    Please give me your opinions and suggestions. Thanks in advance!

    One other note, I am going to be adding design information and email only account information where there are blank pages right now under the extended services section.
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    One thing that I might do is put some cellpadding in the web hosting plan table on the front page so the text is squished against the sides of the table. Other than that the site looks good. Good luck with your business

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    Thanks for your response, I was meaning to do that but it somehow got lost amongst the other things I needed to get done.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?
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    It looks little congested, crowded where you have your plans and the "all plans include" area. Try opening it up a little.

    You have a lot of white so maybe you could add some color to your title/logo area to put some life into it.

    Your copyrights would be good to have on the page(s).

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    The only thing I see is you could use a good logo, check around on this forum there are a couple of good logo makers here.

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    Overall the site is neat, pretty good, I would agree with SiteKeeper that a change in logo would make it more impressive.

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