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    How can I tell if gd 1.8.4 is on my box?

    I have a Raq3i, with all the latest security/update packages installed. I am interested in installing Webalizer 2.0. Which requires gd 1.8.4. I wanted to find out if it is already installed on my box. And if not, are the requirements for gd 1.8.4 installed:

    jpeg-6b or later

    Put I am not sure how to check this. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    I dont have any RaQs, but:

    ls /usr/lib/*


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    If you have php installed, you can put a phpinfo.php file in your web root and then call it from your web browser. I think that will show you which GD version is installed. -- Consolidate Student Loan Debt

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    The updates don't update GD. You can do this yourself with shell access. If you do update your GD you WILL break the stats in the Control Panel. Since we don't use them I went ahead an updated GD and (and perl... and a ton of other things )

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    Doing something as simple as "locate libgd | more" as root can reveal the version of GD installed on the machine. if its a standard RaQ and you have only applied all the latest updates you will probably have GD 1.3 installed.

    So an update will be nessesary to use Webalizer and or MRTG if you wish to use that at some stage.

    Just for the record if you have a look for a statically linked rpm version of webalizer you may find one that wont need you have to have GD 1.8.4 installed on the system and may help saves some head aches in the short term, upgrading is a good idea though


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