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    Question Ping Response Time

    Am going to have my site hosted far away and just noticed the ping response time is about 80ms. Response times to near servers are about half that.
    How important will this be compared to how fast the hosting company’s server is.
    Is this response time something to consider when choosing a hosting company?

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    A ping response is nothing more than a measurement of the response time between your device (PC ?) and the target device (your webhost's server ?). So if this server would be in the same street as you were in, then theorethically the ping could be 2ms. But if that server were at the other side of the ocean, it could result in a ping of 150+ms.
    So it doesn't mean that because your ping to your host is quite big that others have the same latency, it's just a matter of how close you are to the target (webhost's server).
    And of course vice versa. It doesn't mean that if you have a ping of 2ms to the server that someone at the other end of the world would have the same ping results. It will definitely be much bigger.
    Compare it to a long distance phone call : the latency will increase as the distance increases, because of the same reasons (mostly same backbones but then VOIP).


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    When it comes to webhosting ping responses are not that important..

    you wouldnt even notice the difference between a 30ms and 300ms host.
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    That's what I was thinking... the response times are not significance compared to other factors. It's a community website and isn't of much interest to anyone outside of a few miles... Don't know about hop counts, but the server is 2500 miles away!
    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Personally, I believe that many a host and client worries too much about ping times. OK I understand if the server is in some out of the way place like 'karjackastan' or similar but MOST of the servers are in the US so ping times are irrelevant, especially with the advent of ADSL, cable etc. I could understand your concern if you are on a 14k connection but that was back in 1995 and earlier.

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