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    UnitedColo or ServerBeach??

    Who should I go with?

    I'm looking at these packages with them:

    UnitedColo: $99/m w/ no setup fee package...
    ServerBeach: Ensim Kahuna

    1a) I want to host friends domains and such, run IRC, and possibly RogerWilco (game voice chat program)
    1b) Anyone that has used RogerWilco, would it run fine or decent on a Intel Celeron 1.7Ghz, with SOMETIMES around 10-18 people on the channel?

    2) I see you only get 1 ip with Serverbeach, and 400GB
    but United you get 10 ips and 500GB

    3) Also, I see that you get Unlimited domain licenses with Serverbeach, but only 1 domain license with United... meaning you have to buy me (for Plesk).... I was thinking of going with United and then purchasing 30 more domain licenses about 2 weeks or so after today (thinking of buying it today, just dont want to be f-cked after getting it)

    4) Which control panel would you recommend used? Plesk or Ensim... I've used Plesk before... when a friend hosted me off his old dedicated server... Never used Ensim...

    Not sure what else to ask, I'll wait for some feedback, thanks in advance!

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    check their irc policies

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    I guess they are both out of the question...

    Anyone want to point me at some places to look at? I've tried looking at their monthly won't be available for awhile longer (can't pay the quarterly at the moment...) + I doubt I'll get anything due to the waiting list.... I've tried looking at nocster... ugh i dunno :X

    trying to look at somewhere with:

    processor: 1ghz+
    ram: 512mb+
    transfer: 250gb+
    hd: 40gb+
    irc: allowed
    ips: 4 or more
    tech: atleast good
    managed: yes... possibly no, post site anyways
    free reboots..
    full root

    all i can think of at the moment...
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    Where on their site does it say IRC traffic is forbidden?? I was unable to find it... It just says No Restrictions on Contents

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    UCG has no restrictions on contents. Adult materials, MP3s, games, and audio/video streaming are permitted. However, customers are strictly prohibited from using egg-drops, IRC bots, warez materials and shell hosting services on UCG servers and network..
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