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    Just wanted to ask if anybody has combined phpmanager with SSL. I use phpmanager for signups to the free hosting I offer, but as yet it isn't SSL. I didn't think much of it as I'm not collecting CC numbers or anything like that, but now my concern for my users privacy has started nibbling at me (home addresses, personal email addresses...).

    I have 0 experience with SSL as I've never had any use for it, so I'd just like to ask if it is possible (especially with the $29 geotrust certs from Rackshack, or I might just get a freeSSL cert) and how easy/difficult would it be to secure phpmanager with SSL.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I haven't tried that combination, but I have accessed PHPMyAdmin (for database access) over SSL and have had no trouble at all.

    If PHPManager uses relative linking for all its pages, as long as you go to the first page with https:// you should be fine.

    The Geotrust certs work fine. (Wish I only paid $29 instead of $49 )
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    PhpManager + SSL = no problem
    We've been running it behind SSL for months without any difficulty
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    In that case I'll try it out with a freeSSL certificate and if it works get a better cert.

    OK, got the freeSSL cert, but I at first generated the signing request for the wrong URL and now I'm stuck with the KEYS, CSRS and CRTS files of that wrong domain. Is it safe to just delete these and if so where are they located (tried locate and whereis via SSH, but that didn't turn out anything).

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