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    Company possibly for sale.

    My company Global Hosting may possibly be for sale.
    The reason is because our primary billing service paypal has suspended our account when i requested a previous account be closed. As I understand after credientals are sent it may take 30 days to process. We however need access to those funds to pay costs.

    What would be offered is
    -server ensim 3.1.1
    -ensim addons and customisations
    -Global Hosting domain name
    -2 Global Hosting layouts (
    -Enom reseller account and sub accounts with price as low as 6.95
    -2checkout account
    -All Global Hosting logos and banners
    -Vbulletin 2.2.7
    -And everything else we own

    This is the second time paypal has done this to us and I will not restart! This is of course last resort. I will also be available for hire in many positions if required. I will be looking at offers sent to me by AIM, MSN, ICQ, EMAIL, PM, and messages posted here.
    Patrick Schrader

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    How many customers do you have? what's the profit? how much do you ask?
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    Most clients would be sold to a company which would like to remain anonamous if we have to resort to this. The other current clients would prefer to stay on the same server. If your intretsed in how many clients would remain feel free to contact me.
    Patrick Schrader

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    I would also liek to mention there are a quite a few domains owned by us, not beign used that would also be given with the enom account. The domain slickshosting is used for a host domain and also has a ssl cert
    If you would like to see our ensim control panel you may see a demo at the following link. The middle 4 were programemd by us as well as instant activation. We would be happy to make customisations.
    Patrick Schrader

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    OK, don't keep us poking in the dark here.

    What's the price range you're looking for? You seem like you need the cash immediately, so it's in your best interest to quote a price for the business and let people respond. I'm sure you want to get the best possible sale for the company, but in certain circumstance we aren't allowed that luxury, so get the ball rolling and tell us what kind of figure you're wanting

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    Actually im not lookign for money fast. Its just im fed up as this has happend twice. I was never in the hosting biz for money. Its always been a hobie of mine. I love playing with servers, fixing things, assiting others. Ive recieved many responces and am thinking of partnerign with another company, which I will still be able to do what I love. I will still listen to quotes.
    Patrick Schrader

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    I've talked to you now over AIM. Just to get things rolling, I'm bidding between $800-900

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    Nice offer,
    Im still recieving requests, most of them to do with merging or partnership. Note to everyone I am still lookign at offers.
    Patrick Schrader

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