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    flash plugin decection -> php

    What I wish to do is detect the version of the flash plugin installed (or 0 for none) and put it into a php variable... any ideas?

    I dont necissarially have to detect the version, but I really want to put this information into a session var instead of relying on javascript to do a job best left to php

    Please keep in mind that I am a php programmer and not a javascript one, dont use big javascript words because I probably won't understand them. My best guess on how to do this is to use javascript to detect the flash plugin, then store it into a cookie, then read that cookie with php. I have no idea how to detect the flash plugin with javascript (though I know it is possible) or how to set a cookie and redirect (or in this case refresh) the webpage with javascript.

    All help is greatly appriciated.


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    Do you have flash MX? If you do there it has a great JavaScript detection routine for Flash. However remember that PHP is server side execution and JavaScript is client side execution.

    This means that you can't detect and then parse to PHP in the same execution of a page. What you have to do is detect flash using JavaScript and then send the answer in a redirect to PHP.

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