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    What do you think of my site?

    I think my site isn't as "lively" as i want it to be. Altough, i do think it is professional. I also think I should use few more colors.

    Thanks for reviewing,
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    It's very plain. Like you said, I would work on adding some more color and even some graphics. You have one on the front page, but all the subpages are just text ... gets boring. I would also make graphical links at the top instead of the underlined text links. You have the hosting packages as the only graphical text, but the font really doesn't fit (is that courier?). It is simple and clean, but too simple if you ask me.
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    it's very plain, but professional. you can always add to the design once you do all the content.
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    Its layed out nice and clean.
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    The layout is fine, but as mentioned, you need to make it rich with graphics if it really is a hosting site!

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