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    Is there any script or component like geocities, xoom, angelfire use to allot space to its user.
    whenever some one get register a direcotry with space of 20 MB is alloted and person to upload files via browser.
    I want to have facility like geocites or xoom on my linux server.
    Can anyone guide me how to do this....

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    Check out and look under their 'virtual communitites' listings. You will find severl scripts that do what you are looking for.



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    <slightly off-topic - apologies>

    A warning : once you get everything in, then the hard part begins - supporting all your users and trying to fix anything going wrong.

    I know this because I used to be part of the Geocities team before Yahoo! took over.

    I've been asked by a former Geocities member to help out with a Geocities-style site (more the chat side, not the homepages side), but I'm required to invest a bit of money in it to pay for server costs as well as spend considerable time providing strategic direction and help out administrating the chat servers (and do this all for free or little revenue). Currently my answer has been no... But it might change if I have the time and commitment.
    My 2 Cents.... (or is that 2.2 cents inc. GST...?)

    Have a think about this : Programming is like sex. Make a single little mistake, and you'll be supporting it for the rest of your life.

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