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    Need advice about choosing a dedicated server

    Hello, I have one site which need about 100GB xfer a month. Shared is quite expensive so I'm thinking about a dedicated server this winter. But I know nothing about this.

    My site need:

    100GB - 150GB xfer/month
    Pure PHP/MySQL
    Server load is not too high

    So, can a Celeron 1.2GHz with 512MB mem handle it? As I said, because my site need more bandwidth, it's not because of current shared server can't handle my PHP-MySQL apps.

    But current server is a P4 1.6A with 768MB DDR memory. So I'm wondering if a Celeron 1.2 with 512MB SDR memory can handle?

    BTW, suggest me a configure for my current needs, maybe a bit higher.

    Because the data is extremely important, can I have some options of backup that reliable? Another HDD? Or off-site backup?

    PS: Sry for my English.

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    To give you a short answer, yes, I think those specs will be more than enough.

    We currently rent 3 machines and push about 250GB/mo through them by hosting about 1500 domains. With PIII 1133MHz and 512MB Ram the servers basically sleep. Load between the servers runs about 0.50 on average and CPU is used at 15% or less.

    Bandwidth on a single site shouldn't need more than what you propose, and if you say your load is low, reducing it by 256MB won't impact it that much either.

    Overall, those specs are fine and I'm sure you can find a TON of providers out there that will meet your needs. Dialtone is the only one I can suggest based on experience, but I have heard a lot of good things about Rackspace and Fastservers (in fact, I'm signing up for FS colo next week)

    Take care,


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