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    Need a php programmer

    I have a projects that I need a quote for.

    Basically I need the functionality to do the following

    Admin section that will allow me to control the following things

    post, edit, delete news items - they will need to be separated into different categories so they will be searchable by category. These will be automatically posted to the front page.

    I need the ability to post articles that won't be displayed on the front page and will be separated by the name of the column (name I made up for the article set). They will just be in the database for me to pull out via searches or by custom php code on my front page.

    I obviously need search ability by category and article column name

    Please post your quotes.

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    Would you open a little bit more?

    And what system do you use? PHP 4 ? MySQL? And what is your goal? Can everybody see the articles? Or do you think protected content for only your subscriber? (One more thing, if you want to start a site whole open maybe you can try PHPNuke or something like Portal software which is written in PHP)

    Please tell me more may be I can help you.


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    Yeah, for this I'd say PHPN is great for what you just mentioned. If you want custom programming, to the like of that, I'm sure it's possible, though it'd be expensive.
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    Hi Abaddon

    I agree phpNuke may be what you need, but if you are looking for something more integrated with your existing site, I'd be happy to quote on this if you can supply some more detailed requirements

    could be anything from $100 to $300 depending on complexity/hours

    PM or post is fine


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    If you want this done free (no links to 3rd party) go to:
    they have 2 php tutorials for this.
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    The price could be $250 to $300. I'm a experienced PHP programmer.

    Some of my previous projects:

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    We have a readymade solution for you for your Article/news site, Pl PM me for details.

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    <<MOD NOTE: Offer removed until an issue can be resolved>>
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