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    Please help. IP Forged?

    Hey guys.

    I am somewhat lost as to what a client of mine explained to me this morning. This client was using an old webhost for years, and my offer of webmail really intrqiued him!

    Today when he went to check his email from a school I think (said he was taking classes), he could receive messages perfectly fine. However, when he went to send a message he said he kept getting an error about the IP being forged? Anyone know what this means?

    In case it helps:
    Cpanel version: 5.0.0-RELEASE, Build 137
    Webmail: Neomail
    IP that was giving him issues (this is the ip he got when he did an ipconfig):


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    could it be something to do with the schools (possible) internet filtering giving the error? or was it your server/neomail/cpanel?

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    I actually was wrong... he was getting this error on his laptop through Mozilla email client...

    He's using a Mac and for some reason, there is a prob with the outgoing server... does anyone know of any known issues?

    This is driving me nuts considering if he docks his laptop back at home, all works fine....

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    relay restrictions

    most smtp servers have restrictions on outside relaying. if your provider supports it, you can turn on smtp authentication.


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