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    Issues with my cdrom..

    Ok, last resort..

    I tried uninstalling my burner the other day and reinstalling it on an XP box. I installed winaspi32.dll back into c:\windows\system32 again as well. I restarted and now neither my normal cdrom or my burner show up or have a drive letter.

    The only thing I did that wasn't standard was I installed Sony CD Extreme. I uninstalled it and still no beans with the cdroms.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
    - joey

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    Didn't catch the original thread but this happened to me once. I'd fogotten to set the master/slave jumpers and had both set as masters. Windows just ignored both of them till I changed one.

    Beyond that I have no idea. CDRoms have always worked out of the box (CD, CDRW, DVD) for me under XP.

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    I had something similar happen to me. I can't remember where I found this posted, but here it is:

    Use regedit to edit the following key...
    Before you make any change in your registry BACKUP THE KEY!!!


    This is the CD-ROM/DVD global class key. Delete the upper and lower filter entries. Then go into the device manager, and IF your CD-ROMS are still listed there remove them. Then reboot your computer.
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