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    ECommerce Discovery - Good? Bad?

    Right, I was thinking of going for a package with these guys so I did a search on the forums. All I could find was a few posts from April about a big DoS attack and downtime with server problems. But in between where loads of supportive comments.
    I was wondering if e-d are usually down? is the support good? server speeds? etc....
    Please help.

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    I only hear good things about them, if they don't have negatives reviews its a good thing, and very rare in WHT.

    I never had personal experience with them, but since they offer 14 days money back guarantee, what can you lose?
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    I used them. I liked them. No big problems.
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    I've been with them since the middle of July. Normally I wouldn't dream of commenting on a host unless I had longer experience... but you asked!! hehe.

    In general I am very happy with them. I have a multi-domain account (not a reseller), and I'm enjoying the Hsphere control panel. I haven't had much down-time (noticed a little today but within a couple minutes my site was back). Servers seem fast to me and I have a slow connection.

    Strong points: Very fast response time to support emails. A lot of flexibility with the Hspere control panel. They gave me lots of room to grow in terms of space and bandwidth. Always very courteous and professional. I have more flexibility with my sites than I've ever had before - they also provide numerous extras such as phpBB, misc cgi scripts, etc. Biggest plus for me is knowing my site is actually there - and that if there's a problem they will respond.

    Weak points: Their documentation is lacking. Since they don't provide a users support forum there's no place to get answers other than filing a support email. There are things that should be included in their FAQs that aren't - I've had to search elsewhere to get answers. Recently I requested some assistance concerning cache-control headers and that haven't been answered adequately - although let me point out that my questions were responded to right away - it's just I didn't get the assistance/explanations I needed to resolve my caching issues. I'm also experiencing a problem with webalizer on my site that they are attempting to resolve.

    To tell the truth, I really like them. Even though I'm experiencing a few minor technical bumps, I am impressed with their responsiveness and willingness to look into things. I think every support email I've ever sent in (about a half dozen or so I think) - I've sent on a weekend... and that hasn't seem to make a difference in how fast they reply.

    I hope I've given you some useful information. Sorry if it seems kinda long!!

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    Sounds really cool.
    Any other customers care to comment?

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    I used them. They always answered their suppot tickets within hours. I'd recommend them.

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    Hmm, I'm an user since march, and no complaints so far. They're my second host, and am not thinking of leaving in the near future.

    Customer support is great, uptime is good. =)

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    Been with them just over a year now here, very good and friendly support, good uptime, reliable and fast servers and good value.

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    Their support is very good. You can always expect quick responses. I did have a few downtimes, in the middle of 2002, but they made up for it by making that month free.

    I've heard from a friend of mine, who's also hosted with them, that they gave her free bandwidth for all the troubles that happened to her site. But they're really rarely down.

    I've been with them for 8 months...the longest I've stayed with a host that supports adult content.
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    Have been with 'em for 1 year... nothing to complain... highly recommend...

    BTW, my site is down for about 6hrs... don't know why... and support email hasn't been answered yet... quite weird...

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    Originally posted by FrzzMan
    Have been with 'em for 1 year... nothing to complain... highly recommend...

    BTW, my site is down for about 6hrs... don't know why... and support email hasn't been answered yet... quite weird...
    Thanks for the recommandation.

    As for the downtime, it was a scheduled network maintenance. Our network provider was migrating all their equipment and our servers from the previous data centre to Equinix DC. We notified all customers a couple days in advance. If you didn't received it. We appologize for it. Anyway, everything is back to normal now.

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