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    Championship Manager Site to be built...

    I am currently working on a championship manager website its a site on one of the best selling games in Britain and if you are a big fan on the game then im looking for some help with the site here are the listings;

    You must be a big (soccer) football fan

    - Article Writer
    Cm Article Demo

    - Picture Designer
    Football Players designs like the
    Kind of demo of pics

    - Championship Manager Stories
    if you can find any or write them your self A demo of a CM Story

    - Also experience in A phpbb forum

    - Any experience in scripts of any sort

    if you want any of the following jobs at the site please ask me the site has not been built yet but we have the layout and a few other stuff ready the site is hopefully going to grow as big as one day, one of the biggest game site ever

    Thank you for your time

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    Does anyone actually read the forum info?

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    sorry i posted it in the wrong forum

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